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Today, the demand for non-carbonated bottled water has become simply prohibitive. People gradually understand that our body first of all needs clean drinking water, and only then mineral, carbonated or sweet water, that water cannot be replaced with kefir, milk, tea or coffee. Water in a plastic bottle is the easiest and most mobile way to quench your thirst. There are many brands and brands of drinking water today. In this article we will try to figure out which water to drink and which one to bypass.

Mineral water has been sold in our grocery stores since Soviet times. There used to be popular Georgian water, but now Russian producers have found thousands of wells and learned how to make their own water. What criteria should a quality mineral water meet?

Mineral Water is produced in special wells that have state registration. Such registration means taking samples for analysis and regular checks. The owner of the well receives a certificate and can then bottle the water. Let us explain that such water can be considered “natural” – the environment itself has formed the mineral composition of the water in the bottle. Water came down from the mountains, passed through many filters of sand and rocks, and only then got into the source. Such water has absorbed useful elements. In contrast, the water that has been added with minerals at the plant is called “artificial”. As far as we know, such water is rarely sold in stores. But still, the label should be read, it should indicate the origin of the water.

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Let’s talk more about mineral water. There are three types of mineral water in total: table, medical-table and medicinal. In medicinal mineral water, the content of various substances is maximum – more than 10 g / l. This water is not suitable for daily use. Only a doctor can prescribe it to patients who suffer, for example, from gastritis or dermatitis. In any case, you can drink such mineral water only on the advice of a doctor.

Medicinal table water contains fewer minerals, on average about 5-6 g / l. Such water may be available in stores. It is quite salty and not everyone will like it. If you regularly use such water, it is better to tell your doctor about it – what if you can’t drink highly mineralized water regularly? Ordinary mineral water with a mineral content of less than 1 g / l is suitable for most people. There are few minerals in such water, but you can drink it in large quantities.

Today, because of the stories about the dangers of tap water, non-carbonated clean drinking water in bottles is popular. Standard volumes of water bottles are from 0.5 to 6 liters. For coolers, bottles of 10-20 liters are generally used. Clean drinking water is really useful, at least, it will not do harm, unlike tap water. The latter may contain harmful impurities, pathogenic bacteria, as if there is bleach and other substances that are used for cleaning.

It is convenient to buy a 0.5 liter bottle of water in the city to quickly quench your thirst. Remember that plastic bottles should be disposed of in the designated waste containers!

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Table mineral water is still more popular than pure water. Not everyone is ready to buy ordinary drinking water, because utilities have already received money for tap water. Mineral water is not yet flowing from our taps, so you need to buy it in stores. Mineral water quenches thirst well, replenishes the loss of nutrients. In general, the habit of drinking mineral water will benefit your health. It’s better than drinking coffee or tea, not to mention alcohol.

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