Bottled water marketing

The importance of clean drinking water for humans today is not disputed by anyone. The number of people who follow a healthy lifestyle is growing. People don’t forget to take a bottle of water with them. There are fewer and fewer offices where there is no water cooler. This is why sales of bottled water are growing every year.

Sales of not only pure drinking water, but also mineral and carbonated water are growing. An audience is being formed that prefers pure drinking water to any drinks, like tea, coffee or Coco-Cola. These can be people of very different incomes and professions.

The bottled water market is divided into several parts. Firstly, this is the market for pure drinking water, which has either been purified or obtained from proven underground sources. Secondly, this is the market for carbonated drinking water, which has been enriched with carbon dioxide. Thirdly, this is the mineral water market. The latter is mined only from certified underground sources. It is divided into a dining room, a medical dining room and a medical one, depending on the amount of nutrients per unit volume.

Mineral water can also be obtained artificially. This water is called mineralized. It can be mined from underground sources, and then purified from unwanted impurities or, conversely, enriched with useful substances. You can also mineralize ordinary drinking water, previously purified.

At present, GOST divides mineral water into three categories: with low mineralization (table), in which the content of minerals does not exceed 1 gram per liter, medical and table water (mineral content from 1 to 10 grams per liter) and medicinal (over 10 grams per liter). Such waters can be both carbonated and non-carbonated. In stores, you can most often see ordinary still table water. This is the easiest and at the same time useful way to quench your thirst. Drinking water is sold in bottles from 0.33 to 20 liters or more.

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Water market trends

The modern water market is increasing due to the supply of ordinary drinking non-carbonated table water. Such water can be consumed regularly in any reasonable amount without harm to health and without consulting a doctor. That is why there is such water in every store, cafe or restaurant.

Since clean drinking water does not have many characteristics, manufacturers focus on its purity. Ordinary tap water can contain harmful impurities, and bottled water in this sense has quality assurance.

Another promotional move is a reminder that regular drinking water quenches thirst much better than coffee, tea, or soda. Indeed, nutritionists recommend drinking 1-2 liters of pure water a day. This can improve health indicators. Moreover, such a “diet” has no contraindications.

The most popular container for bottling water has become a plastic bottle. Glass is losing its position as the average income level of the population has increased, and people are too lazy to hand over glass to collection points. On the other hand, the state is not doing enough campaigning and is not promoting reusable containers among the population.

The two most popular products on the water market are pure still drinking water and sparkling mineral water. Most of all mineral water is consumed by large cities with a population of over one million, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. Due to the volume of the market, large cities are the first to show the main market trends. Marketing research shows that today water in 3-liter and larger bottles is an increasingly popular container.

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The largest bottled water brands actively advertise their products throughout Russia. This not only increases awareness of the brands themselves, but also popularizes clean drinking water as an essential ingredient in a healthy life. Therefore, today the consumer does not need to talk a lot about the benefits of drinking water, but it is better to offer the highest quality product.

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