Can you get cancer from water?

Newborns are 80-85% water, and ordinary people 20-40 years old – 70%. We have to drink water regularly in order not to suffer from thirst. Not surprisingly, our health is highly dependent on water quality. Even a small amount of harmful impurities in the water can lead to serious illness with constant use. So it is important to choose a reliable water supplier so that you do not worry about your life later. Of course, polluted water can worsen your health, but can you get cancer because of it?

Unfortunately, there are cities in Russia where doctors record an unusually large number of cancer cases. After careful research, it turned out that water with harmful impurities leads to cancer in 25-35% of such cases. For example, sometimes cancer can occur due to the consumption of excessively chlorinated water. But such water flows from the taps in most domestic settlements!

Does chlorine cause cancer?

You probably know perfectly well that the most common water purification technology is chlorination. Chlorine, in a sense, was the savior of the world’s population from disease, because this substance perfectly copes with water purification. Unfortunately, chlorine itself is by no means 100% safe.

The fact is that chlorine can enter into chemical interaction with organic substances dissolved in water. In water, chlorine-containing compounds are formed in small amounts. The latter can show various carcinogenic effects. For example, lead to mutation of cells in the human body. It is known that cell mutations are one of the ways of cancer formation. Usually, the cells that have undergone the mutation die, but in some cases they begin to divide – and this is how a cancerous tumor appears. Carcinogenic compounds of chlorine with organics are called THM.

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First of all, THMs affect the cells of our nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract. So they very often cause cancer of the colon, esophagus and some other organs. Unfortunately, these compounds can be absorbed even through the skin, so it is not necessary to drink chlorinated water: swimming in the pool regularly is enough. However, the risk of getting cancer while swimming in a pool is still extremely small compared to the risk to which a person is exposed to drinking chlorinated tap water every day.

Unusual impurities in water

Each of us knows that you cannot take medicine without a doctor’s prescription. Even the simplest over-the-counter medicines in the pharmacy can cause addiction and serious health problems with prolonged use. Scientists from Spain conducted a study of local tap water and found more than 100 different drugs in it! Among other things, carbamazepine, ifosfamide, amphetamine and even cocaine were dissolved in water in small doses! With amphetamine and cocaine, everything is clear – these are drugs. Carbamazepine is a treatment for epilepsy, and ifosfamide is used in chemotherapy!

It turns out that we use all these dangerous drugs just by drinking a glass of “clean” water from the tap.

Where can you find clean water?

We do not have the moral right to recommend that you regularly drink tap water, given the possible risks. There is a simple way out of this situation – to use the services of an experienced supplier of clean water. The company “Vody Zdorovya” offers high-quality pure water without harmful impurities in bottles. This is the only way you can protect yourself from various health problems, including cancer.

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