Cooler care during operation

A cooler is an additional equipment for dispensing, heating or cooling bottled water. Like any unit, it requires systematic preventive maintenance. This is understood as a range of measures that allow you to promptly remove scale and deposits inside the cooler, as well as to disinfect containers from the inside. This set of works will ensure a long service life of the unit and protect users from poisoning.

Our company “Vody zdorovya” has been supplying water and installing coolers for over 15 years. We recommend carrying out maintenance on additional equipment at least once every 6 months.

Types of cooler blockages

During the operation of the cooler, various types of blockages are formed:

  • Limescale appears regardless of the quality of the water used. Any liquid, even from the purest natural source, contains silicon, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements and salts. However, certified water, which has passed several stages of gentle treatment, does not contain organic matter. That is why it is recommended to use molecularly pure water when working with a cooler. But all the same, it will not work to get rid of the scale completely. In the process of work, organic matter is deposited on the bottom of the tank and when the taps are opened, they are washed out through the tubes. Thus, the faucets are silted up, the heating elements and gaskets fail. You cannot use conventional descaling products as they are classified as non-food additives. You can simply get poisoned if you flush the cooler with this solution.
  • The presence of mucus in the cooler is caused by the vital activity of microbes, which can enter the container with water through the plug inside the device. To prevent the formation of this type of deposits, it is necessary to rinse or treat the bottle cap with an antiseptic before installing it on the cooler.
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How does scale and mucus affect the heating element?

When deposits accumulate in large quantities on an element, the following happens:

  • the heating element begins to warp, cracks form in it and water enters;
  • water, acting on live parts, causes a short circuit, which leads to the operation of the automatic protection devices of the electric meter;
  • if at this moment you bring a metal mug to the faucet, then you can be electrocuted. That is why it is worth thinking about preventive work and carrying it out in a timely manner.

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