Drinking water as a promising pretext for future wars

Did you know that today one third of the world’s population lives in territorial zones where the lack of drinking water has reached critical levels, and about a billion people are deprived of the opportunity to regularly consume ecologically clean fresh water. Alas, the forecasts of scientists studying this problem are disappointing.

At the First Asia-Pacific Water Summit, the UN chief, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, said that there will not be enough clean water for everyone in the near future. He called on representatives of states interested in this issue to better understand the importance of water management problems in the regions. Indeed, all large natural sources of drinking water continue to be actively polluted, becoming unusable for drinking. This is where the most terrible prospects for the near future follow, since the lack of the most vital resource for our civilization can bring the world powers to the brink of international conflicts and global wars. Even in prosperous European countries, for many consumers, clean water has become a valuable commodity, which must be purchased in other countries.

Every year the population of the Earth is increasing, and the reserves of fresh water are steadily decreasing by several percent. Scientists believe that Asian and African countries will be the first to experience the impact of the “water crisis”. Already today, there is a significant acceleration of territorial desertification, forcing nomads to drive livestock to foreign farm lands. This causes aggression and unrest on the part of farmers.

In search of a solution to this problem, the states of the Middle East: the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have embarked on costly construction of desalination plants. As for many other powers, today they are not all capable of serious financial investments.

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That is why the UN calls on states to unite in solving water problems. The President of Tajikistan noted that at such a rate of increasing environmental problems, water can surpass in value such resources as oil and gas. Speaking at the summit, he invited the representatives of developed countries to create a Water Partnership to be able to provide the necessary assistance to less wealthy states.

According to leading futurists, the global struggle for water resources will begin before civilization runs out of fuel.

With a worldwide shortage of clean water, the activities of some large companies are outraged. For example, Coca-Cola uses more than 300 billion liters of it every year to make carbonated soft drinks. It should be noted that most of the company’s enterprises are located in countries and regions where water resources are already depleted.

The current situation requires each of us to clearly understand that today in the modern world, drinking water is an invaluable gift. If we want our children to be able to live on Earth tomorrow, today we need a smart plan for the economical use of resources that are vital to us. Concerns about the environment in general and the maintenance of existing sources of clean water in proper condition should be considered by the heads of state as a priority. There is only one way to solve the main problem of our civilization – to unite the efforts of all states in the struggle to preserve clean drinking water on Earth.

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