Drinking water quality in spring

In most large cities in Russia, water is purified in centralized water supply systems. This water is often taken from surface sources. In this regard, the composition of water significantly depends on the change of seasons.

Spring is the worst period for the treatment system. The dirt accumulated in winter begins to get into water bodies. Wastewater treatment plants struggle to cope with such dirty water flows. On the national average, water quality drops significantly in the spring, so at this time of the year, you might think about additional water treatment or buying bottled drinking water. For example, the company “Vody Zdorovya” takes its water from underground, environmentally friendly sources, so that its bottled water always remains clean and healthy.

If you continue to drink tap water in the spring, take some precautions. For example, if you notice a clear change in the color of the water, then run to the store for bottled drinking water! However, keep in mind that an increase in the content of iron in water or pathogenic bacteria, you will not so easily notice! Namely, microorganisms pose the greatest danger during this period. Chances are good that after drinking ordinary tap water, you will catch an infectious disease. Such water can even cause an epidemic!

How water is purified in the spring season

In the spring, the load on the treatment systems increases to a maximum, so that some outdated treatment facilities simply cannot cope with spring floods and leak pollutants. The situation with cleaning in the spring season is especially acute in small settlements of Russia.

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To prevent a possible epidemic, Vodokanal usually simply increases the dosage of disinfectants. Chlorine is most often used, since no other equally reliable and cheap replacement has yet been invented. Chlorine itself is not 100% safe. It is known that when chlorinated water is boiled in water, toxic substances can be formed that cause cancer. It turns out that the disinfectant itself can be more dangerous than the bacteria against which it is used!

Modern cleaning technologies do not stand still and are constantly being improved. Equipment used for water purification is being gradually modernized in Russia. Water quality is controlled by inspection authorities. And yet, only bottled water can give you a 100% guarantee of quality, for example, from the “Vody Zdorovya” company!

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