Groundwater is the most valuable source of drinking water

In the thickness of the earth’s crust, between the asthenosphere, located in the upper mantle of the Earth, and its ground cover, water strata usually occur. They can be in liquid, less often in solid and vapor states. Such underground layers are the most valuable source of water, saturated with a unique composition of trace elements.

Our planet is rich in a wide variety of natural resources. Metals, oil, natural gas, coal, gold, diamonds and other precious minerals. Still, the most valuable wealth for a person is water. “Water was given the magical power to become the juice of life on Earth,” once said the genius of art Leonardo da Vinci. And here are the words about water, uttered by the greatest Russian scientist-geochemist V. I. Vernadsky: “Not only the earth’s surface, but also deep – on the scale of the biosphere – parts of the planet are determined, in their most essential manifestations, by the existence of water and its properties.” There is no need to talk about the importance of water for human life. Everyone knows for himself that drinking water should be supplied to the human body every day, in a timely and uninterrupted manner.

Our planet is called “blue”. This is how astronauts see it from space. And it is blue because most of it is covered by oceans and seas. At the same time, the reserves of fresh water that are on the surface of the globe account for approximately 10% of the total water supply on the planet. Most of the water is in the earth’s crust. Unlike water located on the surface of the earth, groundwater is more protected from pollution. This is due to the fact that they are hidden by layers of rocks, which are natural filters. As a result, many harmful products of human life do not get into groundwater:

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  • hazardous industrial waste,
  • fertilizers with which a person fertilizes his agricultural land,
  • toxic substances of automobile exhaust gases,
  • acid rain, the source of which is the person himself.

The list of what people produce today, harming themselves and the environment, is endless.

Sources of water formation in underground reservoirs

And what is the source of water formation in the earth’s crust? The bulk of groundwater is formed by gradual seepage from the earth’s surface. Water can seep there from any source: lakes, rivers, even accidentally or not accidentally spilled water on the ground. Most, of course, will evaporate, but some, albeit a small part, will certainly seep through all layers of the earth to merge with underground reservoirs. This part will become purified water, since it will very slowly pass through the clay layers of the earth, literally 1 mm per day. And then it will pass through the sand, where water particles are already moving at a higher speed – about 8-9 m per day. Slowest of all, water makes its way in the bowels of the earth, passing through solid earth rocks: the smallest cracks in granite, basalt or dunite. Once in underground reservoirs, it can be stored there for thousands or millions of years.

Another source of groundwater filling is water vapor, which is formed when the fiery magma erupted by the asthenosphere is cooled. As it cools, the steam becomes more and more humid and turns into water, which also slowly begins to seep through the crust into underground reservoirs.

Of great interest among groundwaters are the remains of the seas of geological epochs long gone. They differ in their chemical composition and contain relict animal remains.

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Why is drinking water extracted from underground bowels of the earth beneficial for health?

Today, scientists around the world are actively involved in the study of groundwater. This is due to the fact that, firstly, there are not so many fresh water reserves on the surface of the earth, and secondly, groundwater is a source of clean, and often healing water. The healthiness of underground water is explained by its saturation with microelements. Penetrating deeply through various layers of the earth – soft and hard, water during its movement, and even with a long stay in underground reservoirs, dissolves and captures many microelements. Moreover, each of the underground water sources has its own unique set of these elements.

How is water extracted from natural underground storage facilities?

And now about how to get to underground water reserves. Sometimes it is not necessary to get to it – it itself comes to the surface in the form of a spring – pure spring water. In the old days, any such spring was revered by people, and the water taken from it was called water from the “sacred spring”. But often people got underground water themselves: they dug wells. Today, in order to extract underground water, special wells are drilled using technology. And then this water extracted to the surface is let through water pipes or poured into bottles.

In order for water to flow constantly from the drilled well, it is necessary to find the location of the pressurized underground water. This water is called artesian water. Its name comes from the name of the French area of ​​Artois, where similar underground waters began to be used by residents in the XII century. Sometimes from a drilled well, artesian water begins to gush under high pressure and reach a considerable height. The appearance of artesian wells is of particular value in dehydrated areas such as the desert. Here water for people is really more valuable than gold.

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Water is a self-healing resource of the earth

The undoubted value of water also lies in the fact that, unlike the reserves of other useful earth resources for humans: oil, gas, coal, gold, water reserves are being restored. If, of course, these reserves are treated sparingly, because water is nature’s greatest gift to man and to all living things on earth.

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