How to choose a cooler and not be mistaken?

A water cooler is an apparatus for dispensing, heating and cooling drinking water, which is delivered by our company “Health Water”. The products are delivered in 19-liter bottles. The peculiarity of the cooler is that the water in it heats up, but is not brought to a boil. Thus, all useful trace elements are retained in the liquid. The temperature regime of the cooler is constantly maintained at the required level, so you can get hot or cool water at any time — conveniently and quickly!

The modern market is replete with different models of coolers, so buyers often find it difficult to choose the best option. In this short article, we will help you make the right decision …

Key parameters of coolers

When choosing a device for dispensing, heating and cooling water, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Cooler type. Installations are divided into two types: table-top and floor-standing. The first option is used, as a rule, at home due to its small size and lower productivity. They can be placed on a table, window sill or special stand. The second option is used mainly in offices and is considered the most popular model among coolers. Standard models are equipped with all the necessary functions for comfortable use: heating, cooling, etc.
  • Execution option. The simplest option is a floor-standing cooler without a cabinet with a compressor and heating / cooling of water. There are also models with a cabinet for storing dishes and other utensils. Sometimes such devices are equipped with an ozonizer with a timer for 5 … 15 minutes, which starts the unit at a certain time to generate ozone. This device is very useful, as it allows you to eliminate all germs inside the cabinet and thereby protect the storage of dishes. Models with a refrigerator have the ability to cool and store perishable foods (milk, cream, cakes, etc.) for a long time. Bottom loading devices are a fashionable trend in recent years, since the problem of lifting and installing the bottle in the cooler case is being solved.
  • Cooling type. The devices are produced with compressor and electronic liquid cooling, and there are also models without cooling – water dispensers. Cooling with a compressor is considered the most productive. The unit allows you to maintain the temperature within 5-10 degrees Celsius in a volume of 2 liters for an hour. Electronic cooling units are cheaper, but have half the performance. In addition, they have a significant drawback: at an air temperature of 28-30 degrees Celsius, they turn off and do not cool the water. It is possible to install such a unit in the summer if it is used only for dispensing warm water, for brewing tea or coffee.
  • Protection from children. It is often required to protect young children from improper use of the cooler. In such cases, a model with special protection is suitable: a safety lock is placed on the hot water tap to protect the child from burns.
  • Leakage protection. When the bottle is placed overhead, there is a possibility of leaks, for example, when there are cracks in the polycarbonate container. You will see a puddle on the floor or on the cooler. To prevent the leakage of all water from the bottle, special blockers are used that effectively eliminate the spill. However, coolers with such a system are not cheap.
  • Equipped with a monitor and a third crane. Modern coolers have a special monitor with which you can control the temperature of heating or cooling water, the operating time of the device and other parameters. The third tap serves to supply water heated to room temperature.
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Our company “Vody zdorovya” is engaged in the supply of bottled water, as well as the sale and installation of coolers. You can order quality products from us at competitive prices.

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