How to choose a water cooler

Ideally, the purchase of household appliances should be planned in advance. For example, before purchasing a cooler, a person must first select one of its models, study its purpose, evaluate the profitability of the purchased device, and also take into account the size of his budget.

In order to make the most correct choice of a device for water, you should first think about where and how often it will be used.

The main ranges of the coolers are:

  • Dispenser for home or small office. If you need to provide drinking water for a family or staff in the amount of 3 to 5 people, then purchase the most ordinary desktop-type cooler. Such a device is suitable for installation on an office or kitchen table, which can significantly save on free space in rooms with a small square footage. Compared to other cooler modifications, this unit is inexpensive and does not require large maintenance costs.
  • Cooler for a large organization or installation in a crowded place. For an uninterrupted supply of hot and cold drinking water, a device much more powerful and functional than a desktop dispenser is needed. And the poet, the floor cooler is the best fit. Devices for water of this type have a plastic pedestal that acts as a stand. Usually in its case there is a convenient cabinet for dishes or a mini-refrigerator for storing food. A floor-standing cooler costs a little more than a desktop version, but it has much more functions.

Selection of coolers by functionality

Also, when buying a cooler for drinking water, it is necessary to take into account in advance what functions it should perform. According to their functionality, coolers are divided into several main types: dispenser (only for pouring clean water), with cooling (electronic), with cooling (compressor), without cooling.

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Let’s take a closer look at each type of cooler.

  • The dispenser type device does not have the functions of heating and cooling the liquid, it only cleans and dispenses water. In addition, this type of cooler does not need to be connected to the mains. Dispensers for water are most often purchased for kindergartens, schools, medical institutions.
  • A cooler with an electronic type of cooling can not only lower the temperature of the water, but also heat it. These devices are great for home or small offices. They are compact in size, easy to maintain, convenient, and easy to move from place to place if necessary. At any time, thanks to this device, you can drink cold water, or prepare a hot drink. However, an electronically cooled device requires certain conditions to be met for a durable and high-quality operation. The ambient temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, and the room should be kept clean, as the presence of a large amount of dust can lead to clogging and failure of the thermoelectric cooling module located inside the device.
  • Coolers with compressor type of cooling differ from other types of dispensers in larger dimensions. These devices can dispense large amounts of cold water. They, most often, have a built-in refrigerator. These devices are installed in locations that require frequent use — large offices, shopping malls, or sports venues. However, they have two significant drawbacks: large weight and size. In addition, they must always be kept upright to prevent damage. For this reason, moving such devices will not be easy.
  • A cooler without a cooling function is designed to supply heated or room temperature water. If hot liquid is not required, the device can be used offline. Such devices are used most often in public institutions such as clinics, kindergartens, schools.
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Choosing the right bottle for your cooler

When buying a dispenser, an important parameter is the size of the balloon used. In order to select the container of the optimal size, it is necessary to take into account how many consumers will use the device. For a small team, a conventional tabletop dispenser with a bottle of up to 10 liters is well suited. This model can meet the hot and cold water needs of all users.

For intensive use, you should purchase a device with a capacity of about 19 liters. If it is supposed to be used in cafes or eateries, it is best to give preference to a device with the ability to boil water, since conventional models only heat the liquid to 95 degrees.

In order for the cooler to serve for a long time and without any complaints, it is necessary to pay due attention to its maintenance. Each device after a certain time needs to be cleaned and disinfected, which, on a contractual basis, is carried out by the contractor company. Only in this case the water supplied by the device will always be tasty and clean.

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