How to use the cooler correctly?

For comfortable use of drinking water in 19-liter bottles, additional equipment is used – a cooler. It is with the help of this unit that you can easily distribute, heat or cool drinking liquid.

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Coolers are available in floor and table design. The first ones are installed on the floor due to their large size, and the second ones can be placed on a windowsill or a special shelf, since they differ in their compact dimensions. In any case, you must be able to properly use this equipment regardless of design.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  • The cooler should be used only when the room temperature is not lower than +5 and not higher than +25 degrees Celsius.
  • 19-liter bottles should contain soft natural water that does not form precipitation and scale on the walls of the appliance. As a result, the life of the cooler is significantly reduced.
  • When delivering a bottle of water, be sure to check the integrity of the shrink cap. Otherwise, this malfunction may cause serious damage to the cooler.
  • Be sure to remove the cap and protective label from the stopper before placing the container in the neck of the equipment.
  • The cooler must stand strictly upright when installing or removing the bottle.
  • Unplug the equipment if not using it for a long time. Also turn off the cooler if it malfunctions.
  • If you put the cooler away for storage, do not leave water in it. It should be drained from the cold and hot water taps, thereby completely emptying the container. When you put the equipment into operation after long-term storage, you need to drain 50-120 ml of water and repeat this procedure within 7 days. For short periods of storage, you need to drain the water once in such a volume.
  • You can only wipe the cooler from dirt with a soft cloth dampened with detergent solution.
  • Clean the grill of the equipment from dirt and dust. It is recommended to do this procedure at least once a year.

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