Secrets of Choosing the Right Water Cooler

Today’s water is strikingly different from the one we drank several decades ago. This is due to the growing rate of environmental pollution. Smog hangs over the cities, reservoirs are saturated with all kinds of microelements and chemicals harmful to human health. Drinking and using water directly from the reservoir for domestic purposes is life-threatening. Therefore, modern people use water delivery services. Natural liquid is extracted from artesian wells, processed in special factories, and suppliers deliver it in bottles to homes and offices around the world. In addition, each such company offers customers special devices for dispensing, heating and cooling liquids – coolers and dispensers.

The cooler is a popular and one of the most common auxiliary equipment for drinking bottled water. Their production is established in China, but the manufactured products fully comply with all international quality and safety requirements. Therefore, when you see a note that a cooler is made in China, do not be alarmed, this is quality equipment.

Coolers can be of two types: desktop and floor. Plus, they differ in water cooling systems. Thus, if you are buying a desktop model, then immediately prepare a place for placement. For example, equip a stand on your kitchen shelf or table. The floor-standing cooler has large dimensions, therefore it is installed on the floor. The set of such equipment may include a dish box, a small refrigerator and an ionization device. There are models that contain all these options at the same time. The cost of such devices is much higher than that of desktop counterparts.

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Choosing an office cooler

For office centers, depending on their area, it is recommended to choose coolers with electronic or compressor cooling. The first type device cools the liquid to 10-15 degrees Celsius. The process itself is not fast, so it is better to use such a cooler in small offices (7-9 people). In addition, the electronic device is very “afraid” of dusty and ventilated places, as it has an air cooling system, and the fan can quickly fail.

A compressor-cooled cooler cools water several times faster than its electronic counterpart. An important point is that such a device can be placed in any room (dusty, ventilated, etc.). In fact, the principle of operation of such a device resembles an ordinary refrigerator. The disadvantage is the noise during operation. The cooler with compressor type of cooling is suitable for large office centers (10 people or more).

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