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Scientists are very interested in water in the outer space around us, because it is the main condition for the origin and existence of life. The fact is that no other substance in the Universe has such unique chemical and physical properties as water. At least, scientists have not yet known such substances.

Chemists are trying to find other substances like water, but so far nothing has worked. Water freezes at an optimal temperature, dissolves other substances, is abundantly formed in outer space and generally has thousands of unique properties, each of which is necessary for the existence of life.

How much water is in space?

One of the most important properties of water is its chemical structure. Water is H2O. That is, only hydrogen and oxygen are needed for the appearance of a water molecule. Hydrogen is the simplest element, and there is a lot of it in the Universe. Oxygen in galaxies is less, but it is also abundantly formed during star formation. So the likelihood of water appearing in space is very high.

Today astrophysicists are sure that water got to our planet as a result of its “shelling” by ice meteorites. A lot of celestial bodies have already been discovered that consist of water. There is a lot of it not only on Earth, but also on other planets and planetary satellites.

Traces of water have been found on Mars. It is believed that about a billion years ago there was a lot of water on the red planet, but gradually the planet lost its atmosphere, and then water. By the way, our planet is also losing its atmosphere. However, the Earth has a much more powerful magnetic field, which protects the planet from cosmic particles and solar wind.

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Water was found on Europa, the moon of Jupiter. The entire surface of Europe is covered with ice. Scientists hope there is liquid water under the ice. There, theoretically, the most primitive life could develop. A fantastic film has already been shot about this. Of course, the likelihood of life emerging in such conditions is minimal. Too cold.

Water has also been found outside our solar system. It is determined using spectral analysis and other very cunning methods, the description of which is beyond the scope of this article. It is now clear that there is enough water both in the gas clouds of galaxies and in solar systems. So now it is clear that the minimum conditions for the origin of life are the presence of water! – in other parts of our Galaxy they are quite available.

How does water appear in space?

Water is often the main structural substance of comets. With the help of spectral analysis, it was possible to determine that many comets generally consist of ice. As it approaches the Sun, ice begins to evaporate and turns into water. This is how a lot of water appears in outer space.

Of course, comets alone are not enough to form huge oceans of water on the surface of our and other planets. Now scientists believe that water can appear in space due to the powerful eruptions of Saturn and other planets. There is a lot of water on them. During powerful eruptions, water overcomes the attraction of the planets and finds itself in outer space.

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Above, we have already named the main mechanisms of the formation of water molecules in space: the combination of hydrogen and oxygen molecules. There is always a lot of hydrogen in the outer space of solar systems. Oxygen is a rarer guest. However, scientists have found that oxygen can be formed when carbon and silicon decay under the influence of radiation from a star. As a result, the comic space is saturated with oxygen, which reacts with hydrogen to form water. This is how ice meteorites are formed in outer space. These meteorites, most likely billions of years ago, created oceans of water on the surface of our planet.

It is not known exactly how a sufficient amount of water appeared on our land. Be that as it may, water and many other factors led to the emergence of life on earth. Now water remains the most important resource that is necessary for the survival of all life on the planet, including humans. For health and active longevity, clean drinking water is simply necessary. You can order water from the Health Waters company.

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