The cooler is the best source of fresh water

Clean water has become a scarce resource. Today drinking it from the tap is not safe for health. But, fortunately, there is a solution to the problem – you can purchase a cooler.

This device is also called a water heater or dispenser. It is a construction of a plastic case with buttons and indicators, as well as taps for supplying cold and hot water.

Coolers have a wide range of models

  • Tabletop. This type of water heater will perfectly fit into any office or apartment interior.
  • Outdoor. Such cooler designs are often in demand in larger companies with a large number of employees. Traditionally, they are connected through a pipe to the central cold water supply.
  • Refrigerated models. These multifunctional units provide clean water and save money on the purchase of a mini refrigerator for storing food.
  • Coolers with a locker. These dispensers are indispensable for small spaces. The cabinet in the design serves as an excellent place to store cups, coffee and various accessories for tea drinking.
  • Coolers of the VIP category. Expensive models with various monitor and backlight options. The devices are distinguished by their build quality and maximum performance. They are guaranteed to emphasize the respectable image of the company in the office.
  • Budget options. As a rule, these are inexpensive tabletop models suitable for use at home or in the country.

What is important to pay attention to when choosing a cooler?

When choosing a dispenser, you should not first look at the price. The high cost of a water heater is not always justified. First of all, it is worth deciding on the functions that it should perform.

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    Heating and cooling water:

  1. Full-featured dispensers are more expensive, but they are excellent at heating and cooling liquid.
  2. Cheaper coolers are only capable of heating. Instead of a cooling function, they supply water at room temperature.
  3. There are models with the rarest combination – cold and room temperature water supply. Such devices have three taps.

Water cooling method

  1. Electronic. For this type of cooling, coolers with an electronic module and a fan are used. The models are distinguished by the most affordable price, light weight and compact dimensions. But in hot weather, such dispensers are not able to provide owners with a large amount of cold water and, in order not to quickly disable the fan, they should not be installed in particularly dusty rooms.
  2. Compressor. Coolers with such a cooling system function like a refrigerator. They cool a large amount of water as quickly as possible, but they are much more expensive than models with a fan. Such devices are ideal where it is necessary to regularly provide more than 6 people with cold water.

As additional features, some dispensers have introduced systems for carbonation of water and ozonation of air. The bactericidal effect created by the built-in disinfectant remains in a room with a cooler for several weeks.

Different models of coolers have their own advantages and disadvantages, but each of them effectively copes with its main task – providing owners with clean drinking water.

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