The role of water in human life

Scientists today are sure that life on Earth originated in small mud puddles near volcanoes, where it is warm enough and there is enough water saturated with various impurities: sodium, potassium, etc. Somewhat similar conditions are created in a woman’s womb when she has a child grows in the womb. It is not surprising that a newborn is almost 80-90% water. True, over time, our cells begin to lose water, and by old age in our body the water content drops to 65-70%. So sometimes aging and even death are attributed to the loss of water with age.

Contaminated water is a source of disease

Contaminated water causes many diseases. As you understood, water is the main life on earth, but when there are harmful impurities in it, there will be trouble. Water must comply with the standards established by SanPin. If we drink dirty water, we can easily get sick. All the more it is necessary to take into account age-related changes: we lose water and become even more susceptible to disease. That is why the struggle for clean water sources is, in fact, the struggle for active longevity.

WHO conducted a study and found that four out of five diseases are caused precisely by polluted water. In some disadvantaged countries, people can drink water, which contains many harmful impurities – the entire table of chemical elements! So if you are in doubt about what kind of water you drink, have it analyzed. Before that, use bottled water. The company “Vody Zdorovya” will help you choose the best equipment for water purification and deliver clean water in bottles.

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Water scarcity and dehydration

When we feel thirsty, it means that the cells of our body send a distress signal to our brain: “We do not have enough water!” So thirst is a bad symptom. We need to regularly take small amounts of pure water to replenish the water reserves in the cells of our body. Nutritionists advise drinking 1-2 liters of clean drinking water per day. It is also important to drink a glass of water in the morning: we do not drink or eat anything all night, so our body needs water. Remember that morning drinks such as coffee, tea, or soda cannot replace a glass of clean water. Coffee, for example, only speeds up the elimination of water from the body and further increases dehydration. So it’s best to drink clean drinking water. Everything else is just harmful self-indulgence!

If you don’t drink enough water for a long time, you can disrupt the water balance, and your cells will be dehydrated. Because of this, your body will become more susceptible to attacks from various bacteria and viruses. You will quickly fall ill with the simplest diseases, you will have a runny nose, sore throat, etc. These are the usual signs of dehydration: dry mouth, nervousness, fatigue, depression, etc. If you feel all this – rather drink water!

All of these symptoms are due to the fact that the cells in your body lack water. Including your muscles and brain cells do not feel in the best way. So with a severe shortage of water, mental deviations are even possible. Remember that a person cannot live longer than three days without water, so do not forget to drink water on time!

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