Unusual properties of water

You probably know that newborns are about 85% water, and the elderly are 60-65%. Therefore, water is a very valuable resource for which people at all times have conflicts with each other and even unleashed wars. Water turns into ice at zero degrees only at normal pressure, and if the pressure changes, water will freeze at a different temperature. In this post, we will try to surprise you by talking about such interesting properties of water that you may not have heard about yet.

Unusual water conditions

Of course, you know that the water around us is in three phase states: ice, liquid and vapor. In fact, this is a very simplified “school” picture of the world. The point is that water has many more phase states. Water has five variations of liquid states and 14 variations of ice. If we add steam here, we get 20 different phase states of water.

Ordinary water at normal pressure freezes at zero degrees. However, if the water is purified of all impurities, it will solidify at temperatures well below zero.

If we talk not about phase states, which scientists have counted 20 types, but about various isotopic and structural variations of water, then there are already more than several thousand of them! So, water has 135 isotopic and more than 2 thousand structural varieties. For example, if you sharply freeze water at an ultra-low temperature, it will lose its crystalline structure (ice) and become an ideal reflecting space – practically a mirror.

You can also remember some of the myths associated with water. On television, the program claimed that water has a “memory”. Of course, this is only a fiction of the directors. Scientists have not found any “memory” in water, as well as any properties associated with it. So not all information about water from TV and the Internet can be trusted.

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The importance of water for humanity

You all know that water is essential for life. Even cockroaches cannot live longer than two weeks without water. And a person dies of dehydration in 2-3 days. That is why water is the main carrier of various epidemics. Pathogenic organisms are very comfortable living and even developing in the aquatic environment. Therefore, according to the WHO, four out of five of all epidemics on our planet begin due to the use of dirty water. 90 million people die from these diseases every year! Just think, just because of the use of low-quality water every year 1% of the population of our planet dies!

It would seem that this problem can be solved in a very simple way: install filters for water purification. However, in fact, in most of the poor countries of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, such filters are a luxury that the vast majority of the population cannot afford. Only citizens of Russia and other residents of the “golden billion” (USA, Europe, Japan) can afford to purify water or buy it in bottles.

Other interesting information about water

Did you know that with a deficit of only 2% of water (of the total normal volume in the body), we begin to feel thirsty? With a shortage of 10%, we plunge into the “world of hallucinations”, and a deficit of 13% is already a critical case. Usually, with a shortage of 15-20% of water, a person dies.

Another fun fact in the end: seawater is the most nutritious substance on earth! There are over 2 grams of protein in 1 cubic centimeter of ocean water! True, salt water should not be drunk, since it does not quench thirst, but, on the contrary, causes dehydration (a paradox!).

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