Water as a source of life

From the very beginning, water has become an ideal environment for the origin and development of life. And it is no coincidence – it dissolves chemicals very well, accelerates the course of reactions. Thanks to this, it became the basis of all living matter on our planet.

All processes in the human body are carried out in the presence of water. Including water allows our body to easily adapt to cold and heat. It allows us to regulate our body temperature. The tissues of the human body are composed of 65-75% water.

The average person needs 2-3 liters of water a day. It is desirable that the diet contains pure drinking water. You cannot replace water with coffee, tea, kefir or milk. The average person drinks about 50 tons of water in 60 years.

It is interesting that a person does not know how to distinguish between hunger and thirst. Therefore, it is not always worth eating as soon as hunger appears. Better to drink 200-300 ml of water.

More than 8-9 liters of fluid enter the gastrointestinal tract during the day. A person usually drinks 2-3 liters of liquid, and the rest is produced inside our body: we produce 1-2 liters of saliva, 2-3 liters of juice in the intestines, 0.5-1 liters of juice in the stomach, and another 0.5 liters of bile.

Water is responsible for the coordination of movements. In our ear there is a special organ “labyrinth” filled with water, which is responsible for the balance of the body.

A person loses 2-3 liters of water per day, mainly with urine and sweat. This is why it is important to drink roughly the same amount of clean drinking water to maintain balance in the body.

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