Water: chemical nature and phenomenal memory of H2O

Water (H2O) is not only a chemical compound known to us from school (11.1% hydrogen (H2) + 88.9% oxygen (O)). It is a unique and universal natural element, without which we cannot live long on our planet.

Water has been around and within us since our very birth. The percentage of H2O content of the total body weight in the body of a newborn is 96%, in an adult —75%, in the brain —85%. As for the blood, it contains as much as 92% of water. Almost 90% of H2O is found in plants.

Water has a lot of outstanding qualities, includes various chemical elements, is able to memorize and transform into different physical states and therefore is a difficult but favorite research topic for scientists. In view of the current ecological crisis, H2O is of particular interest in terms of its chemical nature.

The phenomenon of the chemical composition of H2O

The molecular formula of water is always unchanged, which cannot be said about its structure and unique physical and chemical properties. H2O in living biosystems is fundamentally different from a similar liquid that is daily consumed by humans. The most vivid example: water in plant cells and some animals does not freeze even at -50 C.

Smart water phenomenally perceives any energy-informational, physical or chemical effect. Such hypersensitivity is possible due to the presence in its structure of low-energy hydrogen bonds, which easily rearrange the shape of their compound at the slightest external influence. By the way, the process of transformation of the structure of H2O under the influence of external physical, chemical, biological, acoustic or other stimulants does not require huge energy costs. Moreover, it is safe to say that the impact on the biosystem (human body) is inextricably linked with the impact on water.

Today, as well as several centuries ago, parapsychologists, healers, occultists and magicians successfully use the phenomenal effects of H2O in their activities: they treat a variety of diseases with “charged” water, relieve alcoholism, with its help fortunetellers damage or bewitch a specific person and etc.

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To establish the true nature of water phenomena, you first need to find answers to related questions:

  • What is their mechanism of action?
  • Is there any connection between the properties of H2O and its structure?
  • How do electromagnetic fields affect water and water systems?

The same applies to other external causes and processes that are in no way directly related to changes in the chemical composition of H2O or aqueous solutions.

Water quality remains a pressing issue

In connection with the global pollution of the environment, today more than ever the issues related to the quality and chemical composition of water are relevant, the list of which includes:

  • determination of the percentage of harmful impurities in Н2О, as well as individual elements;
  • search for the most effective methods of water purification;
  • identification of a complete list of energy-informational and chemical interactions in water pollution.

The city water that pours from taps today contains many harmful elements such as heavy metals, pesticides, aromatic carbohydrates, herbicides, and others. Their content should not exceed the maximum permissible norms and values. The tasks of every enterprise specializing in water supply should include the removal from water of all harmful substances used in the process of its purification.

Even after thorough filtration of harmful impurities and biochemical substances, their traces (information) remain in the water anyway. They then have a negative effect on the body. In this connection, it is quite obvious that using water filters alone is not enough for water purification. Yes, they clean the liquid from solid harmful particles. But H2O macromolecules – carriers of negative information – still remain in drinking water.

Hydrogen atoms (H2)

The molecular structure of Н2О, which is essential for us, is quite simple. It is known from the school curriculum that the sides of hydrogen atoms are located to each other at an angle of 104.7 degrees, which is formed by the mutual repulsion of 2 positively charged hydrogen atoms. This is exactly how a dipole moment arises, at which atoms in the structure of water begin to be displaced from the magnetic field, that is, they are endowed with diamagnetic properties. The characteristics of the rotation of the electron shell relative to the magnetic field lines (along it or against it) directly depend on the temperature parameters of H2O. The colder the water, the more magnetization will occur.

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Oxygen atom (O)

Compared to hydrogen atoms, the oxygen atom has electrons with a higher electronegative charge. For this reason, bonding electrons in H2O are attracted precisely to the oxygen atom. As a result, oxygen gets a negative charge, and hydrogen gets a positive one, while a magnetic dipole arises, and the atom from the outside remains electrically neutral. It is in this way that it is able to bind to an oxygen atom and form clusters (compounds) of 300-400 atoms. As a result, water acquires various unique properties, the origin and quality of which depends on the type of external influence and many other factors.

About the memory of water

Do you know about the phenomenal ability of H2O to store “genetic memory”? The structural and dynamic parameters of the biologically active aquatic environment store information about the impacts that were exerted on the water, including both pollution and water treatment processes. Purified H2O is that natural liquid, which, like in melt water, has (remains) a high-level structure with excellent dynamic parameters.


In the structure of water, clusters (accumulators) are perfectly formed, consisting of clathrates (lattice compounds). In such storage rings, covalent and hydrogen bonds interact and information is stored about what interactions happened with water molecules. Sometimes a positive proton (H +) migrates between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, leading to its propagation over the cluster. Cluster structures not only receive and store, but also transmit a variety of information.

This ability of water made the development of homeopathy possible. For two hundred years it has been widely used in folk medicine, and recently it has attracted increased interest even among modern scientific institutions.

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Water, in which there are many clusters of various types, can create a real hierarchical structure that can perceive and store a huge amount of information. It can be carried by any physical field, regardless of the nature of its origin. The functions of the carrier can be performed by electromagnetic or acoustic fields, and, of course, by the person himself.

Regulatory capacity of water

Water belongs to the class of weak sources of variable electromagnetic radiation, which manifests itself less chaotically in structured H2O. The ordered structure allows water to take over practically all the structural and informational characteristics of a biological object in contact with it.

When the level of structured order of the H2O system exceeds 60%, it independently regulates and maintains ordered interactions. The more clusters there are in the water and the better its system is ordered, the more self-reproduction abilities will manifest itself, which happens in living systems.

This proves once again that water in the human body is able to systematize and regulate its biochemical processes.

There is a rather interesting concept

In modern treatises on water, its role as an integral part of biological fluids, such as blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. is completely insufficiently considered. But it is quite obvious that it serves as an important information factor, and its very significant role requires detailed understanding. Any effects (ultrasonic, electrical, chemical, or magnetic effects) on H2O and various solutions based on it can be explained in terms of energization (energetic stimulation) of a pair of elementary particles electron-positron.

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