Water from 19 liter bottles is good for your health

Delivery of drinking water to offices in 19-liter bottles is very popular today. Such popularity of packaging is associated with the active use of water coolers in offices. What are the benefits for consumers of drinking water in 19 liter bottles?

Today everyone knows about the harm to human health from tap water. The water flowing from the taps contains chlorine, which is added to the water to disinfect it. But the danger is not so much in the chlorine itself, but in its derivatives. Chlorine, due to its special properties, easily enters into an aqueous medium in reaction with other substances – organic and inorganic origin. As a result, chlorine-containing toxins, mutagenic and carcinogenic substances and poisons, including dioxides, are formed. Among them, the most dangerous are trihalomethanes (THM): bromoform chloroform, dibromochloromethane, dichlorobromomethane, and haloacetic acids (HAA).

What diseases can chlorinated water cause?

Doctors believe that tap water can cause heart-related diseases, cancer, arteriosclerosis, etc.

According to the latest research by British scientists from the University of Birmingham, a high content of chlorine derivatives in water leads to a significant increase in the rate of birth defects in infants. These defects include the following defects of the interventricular septum of the heart:

  • an opening in the septum between the ventricles of the heart, leading to mixing of arterial and venous blood and chronic lack of oxygen,
  • the so-called “cleft palate”, or cleft palate,
  • anencephaly, or complete or partial absence of the bones of the cranial vault and brain.

The processes associated with the effect of chlorine derivatives on human diseases are not yet fully understood. But their connection with certain human diseases certainly exists.

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How Much Benefit Are Filters?

Filters used for water purification in our country by the population are mainly coal. Abroad, where chlorine is also used to disinfect water, the use of filters with charcoal as a sorbent is strictly prohibited. Research conducted by environmental scientists has shown that filters using activated carbon emit harmful dust into the water. When boiling water, even with a small amount of such dust particles, dioxin begins to form. This is a very dangerous poison, the ingestion of which into the human body can lead to cancer.

In their daily life, people everywhere encounter various carcinogens, fraught with the danger of developing cancer. However, people drink water every day. If you drink one glass from the tap, nothing happens. But long-term use of water high in trihalomethanes (THMs) can lead to serious cancer.

In the Russian Federation, water utilities in their total mass, and especially in large cities, are under constant supervision, especially the composition of TGM is controlled. The concentration of THM cannot exceed the level that is safe for people. Its concentration is approximately 100 micrograms per liter.

Benefits of bottled water

Bottled water has a number of advantages over tap water if the prescribed storage conditions are followed.

First condition

The production of bottled water should be equipped with high-quality equipment for hardware bottling of water and systems for multi-stage cleaning of recycled bottles. In this regard, it is not recommended to use Chinese-made equipment, as it does not provide the required quality.

Second condition

You cannot use tap water, let alone water from a radioactive well, which sometimes happens.

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Third condition

Water bottles should be stored under normal temperature and light conditions. Their shelf life should not exceed the period of time usual for this product.

Fourth condition

Consumers need to clean the cooler at least once every three months. Unopened bottles can be stored no longer than the expiration date.

You can order products from the company “Health Waters”, which produces water in a unique natural ecologically clean area with a forest.

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