Why drink clean drinking water

Water in one form or another is the basis of any person’s diet. We get it with food, juices and even meat. The person himself is 70-80% water. With the loss of already 3-5% of water, we begin to feel strong thirst. Water is responsible for many chemical processes in our body. Therefore, our body needs just clean drinking water.

The most useful water – from natural sources

Producers of clean drinking water take the best water from natural sources. However, not every source is suitable for water intake. The company “Vody Zdorovya” has checked many wells in the Moscow region, Tula, Kaluga, Vladimir, and only after a long search, its experts found a real treasure – a vast natural area with clean drinking water. There are no harmful industries in the zone, it is located on a hill. Such water does not require purification, so all the useful substances given to it by nature remain in it.

Interestingly, producers can call “natural water” any water that is taken from a natural source. Even ocean water is, as you might guess, natural water. The oceans, by the way, contain most of the earth’s water. However, ocean water is not potable. Only fresh water can be consumed by a person without harm to health. There is only 3% fresh water on earth, and most of it is difficult to obtain. Fresh water is snow of Siberia, glaciers, icebergs, etc.

Usually, clean drinking water is taken from artesian wells, which are drilled into the ground. There is often potable water in reservoirs, for example, in Russia, Baikal can serve as a source of clean water.

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By the way, the modern development of science and technology makes it possible to use seawater for drinking with sufficient efficiency. This requires special high-capacity desalination plants. They actively desalinate water in those countries where there is very little pure natural drinking water. For example, in countries such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. These are rich countries where huge reserves of oil and gas have been found in the depths of the earth. However, there is no water there. Therefore, in these countries, a significant proportion of water is taken directly from the surrounding seas and then desalinated. This is a very expensive pleasure, this water is more expensive than ordinary water extracted from wells.

This is why clean drinking water must be valued. This is a very important resource, the value of which will only increase in the future. Russia, whose territory stretches “from the southern seas to the polar region”, will least of all need clean water. Russians should thank their ancestors who were able to provide them with clean drinking water for thousands of years to come. The Vody Zdorovya company is ready to provide this important resource with discounts. To do this, you need to become a regular customer of the company. If you buy water for a large amount, you can get up to 7% discount!

What kind of water is most beneficial?

The most useful water, as we said above, is the water extracted from the ground – these are the so-called “artesian springs”. Geologists find water deposits underground and then drill wells. Water from such wells undergoes special treatment and then is poured into containers. This water can be consumed without restrictions, it is suitable for both adults and children.

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You can significantly improve your health if you drink 1-2 liters of clean drinking water every day. Metabolism will accelerate, immunity will increase, excess fat will be burned. In general, clean drinking water is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

Rules for the use of clean drinking water

Fitness trainers and nutritionists advise to consume 30 milliliters per 1 kilogram of human body weight per day. In other words, the average person should drink 1-2 liters of clean drinking water a day.

A person is unlikely to drink too much water, but less than the daily norm – easily! If you consume an insufficient amount of pure water, the body will experience a water imbalance. As a result, health will seriously deteriorate, kidneys, liver and other organs will be at risk. When the plant does not receive the required amount of water for a long time, it dries up. Man is equally dependent on water.

In general, we can say that water for a person is several times more important than food. It is important to use quality water from reliable suppliers. Do not regularly drink water that flows from taps. Tap water can carry with it various harmful substances and microorganisms, which, if consumed for a long time, can cause serious diseases. Order water from the company “Health Waters”, which offers a product with a balanced natural composition with delivery to the office and home.

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