A great way to save your family budget is to order water delivery to your home!

If you live in a metropolis, then home delivery of water is another must-have item in the family budget. Agree, today ordering bottled water for a cooler is a necessity. Not many people already remember when it was possible to safely drink tap water in apartments and houses.

In our time, environmental pollution has reached such proportions that drinking water without purification is simply dangerous to health. For this reason, many residents order bottled water to their homes or offices. Profitable and safe!

Bottled water delivery is relatively new. However, now the scale of this business has grown thousands of times. Each supplier strives not only to provide the customer with high-quality and useful water, but also to offer him the best service. Water in stores is 20-30 percent more expensive, and the supplier can often provide better pricing.

In addition, water from the point of sale still needs to be delivered home, raised to the floor. If the purchase is made by a woman or a child? They will not be able to lift a bottle weighing 19 kg. And is all this worth the spent health? It is much more profitable and more convenient to order water delivery from a specialized company. Let’s count. A family of 4-5 people spend 900-1000 rubles a month to buy water in a store. Our company will deliver the same volume to your home for 700-800 rubles. That is, on average, you save 200-300 rubles a month, and 2400-3600 rubles a year. In addition, you do not have to spend gasoline and energy on delivery and lifting of bottles. You just need to call us and order the delivery of water!

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Many people choose to put a filter in their home. However, good filters come at a cost. In addition, they will have to be constantly cleaned and changed. If the filter suddenly clogs up or stops cleaning, then it is far from immediately possible to notice the deterioration of water.

The advantage of bottled water is that for the same money and even cheaper you get quality water, which is extracted from artesian springs or undergoes multi-stage purification. If you decide to order water, then first check the certificate of conformity of quality from the supplier. Our company analyzes water on a daily basis in order to always provide customers with only a useful and safe product.

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