Additional equipment for bottled drinking water

At all times, clean drinking water has been a life-giving elixir for humans. She quenched thirst, healed ailments, gave joy to people. In modern realities, when the natural environment is polluted on an industrial scale and water bodies become unfit for drinking, the importance and cost of crystal clear water increases.

Modern technologies today make it possible to extract such water from artesian wells, the depth of which reaches 100-200 meters.

But how to deliver this life-giving moisture to every city in Russia, to every home or office? These tasks are effectively solved by our company “Waters of Health”. We have been transporting clean and mineral water from underground sources throughout the country for more than 15 years. In convenient and safe polycarbonate bottles, it retains its useful properties for several months. Delivery is made at any convenient time to your home or office.

Drinking water equipment

Bottles with natural water are installed on special devices – coolers that dispense, heat or cool the liquid. Our company not only delivers useful water, but also sells modern coolers. With their help, you can use bottled liquid with much more efficiency.

Check out the main advantages of this equipment:

  • The set temperature is maintained, so the water is never too cold or too hot.
  • Comfortable to use 19 liter bottles. Modern coolers have a bottom loading design, so you do not have to strain and lift the container for installation on top of the unit.
  • Several types of cooler: for floor and table use. Buy a suitable device depending on the area of ​​use. For example, a desktop cooler is suitable for a home, and a more efficient, floor-standing cooler can be installed in an office.
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You can effectively use the cooler when the air temperature in the room is not less than +5 and not more than +25 degrees Celsius. However, units with a compressor cooling system can also be used at elevated temperatures. To prevent the cooler from clogging, it is recommended to use only natural drinking water. Otherwise, scale will appear on the elements of the equipment very quickly and the device itself may fail.

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