Bottled water

Today, bottled water has become a real trend. Sales are growing, more and more people are appearing on the streets carrying water bottles with them. Still water is bought by people of different incomes. Such people are most often concerned about their health, so they want to have clean drinking water at hand.

Not only ordinary drinking water, but also mineral water is actively sold. Mineral water is usually taken from underground wells. All such sources are registered and verified. Mineral water from wells usually contains a unique complex of elements that can have a therapeutic or prophylactic effect.

If the water is not taken from a registered well or is being purified, then one cannot be sure of its healing properties. After all, its chemical composition is not exactly verified. Water, into which additional minerals were added during production, is called “mineralized”.

Mineral water classification

Water containing minerals is conventionally divided into three categories. If the water contains less than 1 gram per liter of mineral and other elements, it is called “dining room”. If the minerals are from 1 to 10 grams per liter, then this is “medicinal table” water. All water containing more than 10 grams per liter of minerals is called “healing”. Such water may or may not be carbonated.

Table water remains the most popular type of water today. Its sales are growing steadily. People are enlightened and learn that the consumption of 1-2 liters of clean water per day is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The most important parameter of water is its purity. Therefore, tap water is not suitable for daily use. Of course, clean drinking water cannot be replaced with soda or other sugary drinks.

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Market trends

Today, water is most often bought in plastic bottles. Glass bottles are not in demand for many reasons. Glass is significantly heavier than plastic. Such bottles are inconvenient to carry with you all the time. On the other hand, Russia has not yet established a stable turnover of glass containers, similar to the one that was in the Soviet Union. Another important advantage of plastic is that it is significantly cheaper than glass.

In Russia, mineral water with gas is the most demanded product. Sales of pure drinking water without minerals and gas are still lagging behind. The demand in Moscow is indicative in this sense. The capital sets the main market trends. So far, the inhabitants of our Russian cities prefer mineral water. In the segment of pure drinking water, water bottles from three liters are popular. Even a simple look at the Russian bottled water market shows that it is dominated by 5-6 of the most popular brands.

The company “Vody Zdorovya” offers bottled water of the highest quality with delivery. All water is extracted from a deep natural source remote from production areas. Quality control ensures that water can be consumed regularly, including for disease prevention.

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