Drinking water: how to determine its quality

Water is the main “fuel” of the human body. That is why, in order to maintain a high level of human activity, it is important to drink only high-quality H2O and drinks based on it.

What is quality water is, firstly, an environment free of impurities, metals and chemicals. Secondly, it is a source of useful trace elements. Today, millions of people choose to drink pure natural water, which is brought to their home or office by specialized companies. This is a guarantee that the bottles will contain just useful H2O, and not a liquid that is harmful to health.

Due to the popularity of the delivery service, there are more and more such companies every year. They all carry different brands of water. How can a user identify high-quality natural liquid in bottles or regular tap water? Let’s take a closer look at this issue …

The first way to quickly determine the quality of a product is to carefully study the technical conditions, namely the numbers indicated on the container labels. So, the figure 9185 says that the bottle contains natural water with a full mineral composition, extracted from artesian wells. The liquid has passed several stages of gentle cleaning and fully complies with sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

If the TU indicates the numbers 0131, then you are sold ordinary drinking water, which is purified at the factory and additionally distilled and desalinated. Also, various salts and minerals can be added to the liquid. Therefore, such a product is often called mineralized.

The difference between mineralized and mineral water

It is important to understand that the mineral liquid retains the composition of trace elements and salts during its ascent from the depth. In other words, it is natural natural water. Mineralized liquid – it can even be H2O from the tap, which is cleaned in the factory from harmful microbes and enriched with mineral complexes.

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Technically, these two products have the same composition, but the mineral water has a unique healing effect, as it contains useful minerals.

However, the user who receives regular drinking water should not forget that some manufacturers take it directly from the tap and purify it. Such activity does not violate the laws if the water meets all the requirements of the SES and it can be drunk safely for health. But safe water doesn’t mean healthy water.

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