How is drinking water produced?

Certified clean water, which our company “Health Water” has been delivering for over 15 years throughout Russia, is produced in several stages. In this article, we will look at the technology in every detail.

Drinking water production stages

  • Extraction from an artesian well. Natural water is raised from underground aquifers located at a depth of 100-200 meters. For lifting, powerful pumping equipment and sealed pipes are used that do not clog the environment with secondary pollution. Water comes from the bowels of the earth to the plant, where it is sorted and bottled in containers. Water treatment workshops are located in clean sanitary and epidemiological zones near the well itself.
  • Working with natural water in water treatment areas. As a rule, the extracted medium has a high concentration of iron, therefore, in the workshops, the water is filtered and the content of the substance is brought to normal. In addition, the liquid softens, removes harmful trace elements. After such a gentle purification, the water enters the bottling shops, where microelements (iodine, selenium, fluorine and others) are added to the liquid. Production control is carried out by certified chemical and microbiological laboratories.
  • Preparation of containers for transportation and storage. Delivery of water is made in 19-liter polycarbonate bottles. As a rule, such containers are multi-turn. Before bottling, the bottles are treated with special antiseptic compounds. The microbiological purity of bottled natural water during use largely depends on the quality of processing containers. The bottles are examined on a special network monitor. Defective containers are scrapped. After checking for integrity, the turnover code is read from the bottles, and they go to the external car wash machine. Next, the inside of the containers is thoroughly disinfected with food cleaners. After they are rinsed and fed to the filling shops.

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