How much water is in Africa

Today everyone knows that Africa is a very arid place with little water and a lot of deserts. It is all the more surprising that this continent has the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet! True, these are quite hard-to-recover reserves, which are located at great depths underground. Since African countries are quite underdeveloped in technical terms, they themselves do not know how to extract such water.

Western companies are still interested in mining, and especially oil and gas. Water is still not in short supply in the US and Europe to be sourced in Africa.

Water on the continent was found by scientists who conducted a series of geological surveys. Although water is abundant, it is difficult to obtain it. The only way out that can be a salvation for local residents is to drill shallow wells where the water is relatively close to the surface.

Scientists believe that it is not necessary to dig deep wells, and the water can be reached by conventional methods. In addition, water from the wells will have to be pumped out with pumps, which will make it more expensive. Part of the population will not be able to afford such water for financial reasons.

Major problems in Africa

The main problem in Africa is that in most of the countries of the mainland, the population is constantly increasing. The average number of children in families is high, with a large proportion of the population already covered by basic medicine, which reduces child mortality. Simple hygiene and a set of simple antibiotics lead to the fact that all children in families survive. So Africa today holds the record for the fastest growing population.

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To supply the growing population of the continent with water, it is necessary to extract water, of which, as we said above, there is a lot. Today in many countries I use special wells for water extraction, where there is a lot of clean water.

Water treatment equipment is often not used, so the local population can only dream of high water quality. Only a layer of wealthy people can afford to drink quality bottled drinking water.

South Africa is deservedly considered the most developed country on the mainland. In this country, a centralized water purification has been established. At the same time, as in Russia, water pipes are not always maintained in perfect condition. Therefore, South Africa also has a developed market for bottled drinking water.

Scientists are confident that today it is too early to begin massive drilling of deep wells in Africa for the purpose of industrial water production. In this case, the water can dry out quickly. It is proposed to use groundwater only in dry years, and take water from surface sources in normal times.

For its part, Russia is helping African countries in every possible way. More than $ 100 billion of Soviet debt was recently written off for the poorest countries.

In the future, when, as some scientists predict, global warming will come, it will be possible to use the water of Africa. And then underground fresh water supplies in Africa will help solve the global water shortage on this continent.

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