Melt water is a storehouse of useful microelements

Essentially, melt water is not a panacea for all diseases. However, it surprisingly helps the body to improve metabolic processes at the cellular level. As a result, after prolonged use of melt water, the processes of self-regulation of the body are launched.

Energy feed

In terms of molecular composition, melt water is similar to cell fluid. This structure makes it biologically active and easily digestible environment for our body. She carries a powerful charge of vivacity, energy and lightness, which are usually lacking in winter.

Thus, if you regularly drink 1-2 glasses of melt water, you can improve the tone of the body and improve your well-being. In people who daily use such a liquid, there is an improvement in the work of the heart, the activity of the vessels of the spinal cord and brain is normalized, and the composition of the blood noticeably improves. If you practice therapeutic fasting, then melt water will be useful on fasting days, as it quickly removes toxins from the body.

Freeze water treatment

H2O acquires truly unique properties as a result of freezing. The cold radically changes the structure of the liquid, and even after thawing, it remembers it for a long time. It is quite simple to prepare melted water: pour ordinary liquid from the tap into the dishes, let it settle, freeze it. Then you thaw and drink for your pleasure. You should not boil water before this procedure, as this kills all the beneficial properties of the liquid. Freezing is the most effective method of removing impurities from water.

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Notice how the liquid crystallizes from the tap. Transparent and clear ice forms around the edges of the dishes – light water. Liquid with impurities and a high content of metals accumulates in the center – this is heavy water. During defrosting, this ice should be separated by rinsing the core of the ice floe with hot water under pressure.

It is recommended to drink melt water immediately or during the day, while it remembers the structure of the freezing period. You should not procure for future use and cook food on it, since over time and when boiled, it loses its beneficial properties. On the other hand, clean ice can be stored in the freezer, thawing it if necessary to obtain melt water.

How to get the most out of freezing water?

Instead of tap liquid, you can freeze spring or natural water, which is brought in bottles. So you get a double benefit, because such an environment is also saturated with minerals. Before the procedure, be sure to check whether you really bring mineral water, and not just purified water. This can be done together with the courier after examining the data on the label: location and number of the well, its depth. The last parameter is extremely important, since the degree of water salinity directly depends on the depth of its occurrence in the ground. You can also test such water by boiling: mineral water will precipitate in the form of white flakes.

Snow does not have the effect of melt water

It is important to understand that melted snow is not recommended for making melt water. These are, in fact, sediments, which contain many harmful impurities. Just experiment: melt the ice in a bucket and you will notice a lot of black mud dots. This is what can be seen with the naked eye, and if you analyze such water, you will find a whole bunch of impurities harmful to human health. The only place where the snow can be crystal clear is in the mountains. However, obtaining such ice and snow is problematic in most cases. Freezing water at home will be the most convenient and safe.

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