Should you drink distilled water?

I call water purified from all impurities “distilled”. Such water does not contain any harmful elements, including organic matter, various viruses and bacteria, and inorganic impurities. If the absence of bacteria, viruses, iron and manganese salts makes this water suitable for drinking, then the absence of various beneficial mineral additives leads us to the question asked in the title: is it worth drinking distilled water? Let’s answer it.

Where should you use distilled water?

If we talk about the use of such water in human life, the following activities can be mentioned:

  • Drivers and technicians use distilled water to clean car windows and also as electrolyte in batteries.
  • Photographers who work not only on printers use distilled water as a diluent for various chemicals.
  • Medical professionals use distilled water to create chemically pure solutions, including for injection.
  • Ordinary people often fill aquariums, irons and other containers with distilled water where scale formation is undesirable.

How distilled water affects the human body

Some people think that since there are no impurities in distilled water, including salts, then such water helps a person to remove excess salts from the body. In fact, this is a false opinion! Moreover, distilled water is very poor at quenching thirst. The reasons for this will become clear later.

If you drink distilled water for a long time, then the concentration of certain hormones in the blood will change, which are responsible for the exchange of salts. Such water causes an imbalance in the composition and volume of fluids in cells, which is why it should not quench your thirst.

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So be aware that distilled water does more harm than good because it disrupts the normal metabolism in the human body. Of course, distilled water should not be considered a poison: one liter of such water, taken by accident, will do nothing for you. You probably won’t even notice. However, if you start drinking such water regularly, you are guaranteed health problems.

How to get distilled water

It is rather difficult to purify water from all impurities. First you need to prepare ordinary water, carry out its chemical analysis in order to choose the appropriate cleaning method. First, you need to filter such water using suitable treatment equipment. Then you can start distillation.

Usually water is made distilled using the so-called “reverse osmosis”. This is a fairly cheap method, it requires little electrical energy consumption. True, the equipment itself can be very, very expensive. By and large, reverse osmosis distillation consists in water filtration: the liquid passes through several dozen different filters and is thus purified.

Another distillation option is boiling. This can, for example, make salt water fresh. You pour water into a flask and start boiling it. Next, you collect steam into pipes, in which the water condenses and enters another container. In this case, water naturally loses most of the impurities. This process is repeated many times until the water is sufficiently pure (distilled).

At home, you can use a device called a distiller to get distilled water. You can also collect regular rainwater in a container. It is believed that such water is practically distilled. True, you should not do this in a city where there are a lot of pollutants in the atmosphere.

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