Spring water

Water is essential for human life. It is a fact. But did you know that there are varieties of water that can have a healing effect on the body? For example, the following types of water are very useful for health and treatment of certain diseases:

  • shungite water;
  • melt water;
  • mineral;
  • spring water.

We will talk about spring water in this article. Why is it so useful, how does it affect the human body? In fact, spring water is not a miracle cure for all diseases. However, its chemical composition can effectively replace many mineral supplements and dietary supplements.

Where do you get spring water?

Spring water is born underground. In this sense, it is not much different from water from wells or artesian wells. It is extracted from the strata of soils. We call water spring water when, under the influence of pressure or other reasons, it comes out from the ground. That is, we get an easy way to collect it. Well water can be called “spring water” with complete confidence, but it must be borne in mind that the outlet from such underground water is made artificially.

Useful properties of spring water

Spring water on its way up passes through layers of sand and gravel. These layers are a natural filter that removes many harmful impurities, including mechanical ones, from water.

It should be borne in mind that spring water from different sources will differ in its properties. After all, everything depends on the very filters and soils through which it makes its way to the surface. Some water will contain substances that are good for the heart, and in the other – for the work of the kidneys. However, it may turn out that the soils will pollute the water with some harmful substances. In this case, such water is simply not used.

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When can spring water be harmful to your health?

Since water may become contaminated when passing through soils or insufficiently cleaned of harmful impurities, any spring water should be checked. After all, it is not always clear where the source gets its water from. Is it possible that this is water from the river where the chemical industry enterprise dumps its waste? Only constant monitoring of spring water can guarantee its useful properties and exclude pollution.

Who controls the purity of the water? Usually its manufacturers are engaged in this. Companies that extract water from underground wells conduct an analysis at every water withdrawal. This is why they can guarantee 100% that the clean bottled water they supply to stores, offices and households is safe to drink and contains only beneficial elements.

The standards to be met by clean drinking water in bottles are defined in SanPin. Water from the “Vody Zdorovya” company meets these standards. You can safely buy and drink such water every day for a long time and even your whole life.

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