The importance of water for all living things

Water is the head of everything! Even three days cannot be lived without water. At birth, a person consists of more than 90% water. Only by old age only 60-65% of water remains in a person. Therefore, older people usually have drier skin.

Most of the water is contained in cells, and outside the cells of our body there is about 25-30% of water. Moreover, the latter is divided into blood, lymph and interstitial water.

Water has become an ideal environment for the birth of life on earth. Life originally began in the absence of oxygen. Therefore, water is more important to life than air. Only a few billion years later, the simplest bacteria in the process of their vital activity saturated the atmosphere with oxygen. So life was able to come out onto land. But even now, no living creature on earth can exist without water.

All chemical processes in our body take place in the aquatic environment. Without it, they are almost impossible. That is why nutritionists and healthy lifestyle advocates advise drinking at least 1 to 2 liters of water every day. So you can significantly improve your health.

Most of the blood is also water. Thanks to the movement of blood, our body, each of its cells, receives nutrients. All organs in our body contain water. Interstitial water is very important, which is responsible for the metabolism between cells. Only thanks to water in our gastrointestinal tract is the digestion of food. After all, all the juices that our intestines and stomach secrete are composed of water.

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Drink water regularly in small portions before meals. You can drink water before breakfast, 200-300 ml, then before lunch and before dinner. It is better not to drink a lot of water before going to bed, so as not to experience problems with sleep.

We are already thirsty when our body’s water content is only 1% less than normal. And when the body lacks 10% water, we begin to really suffer! Our skin dries up, our lips crack, we weaken, we feel sleepy, we don’t feel like doing anything. The fact is that with such a strong lack of water, the brain turns off. After all, our brain also consumes a large amount of fluid! Apparently, there is no need to say that with an even greater lack of water (15%), a person usually dies, and in terrible agony.

Our body tries in every possible way to conserve water, therefore, in case of a lack of water, it begins to save it. All processes slow down, including the chemical processes of digestion, the work of the brain, etc. In this case, the body cannot completely stop the withdrawal of water, since then all chemical processes will stop and the person will die.

With a lack of water, human blood thickens. Such blood is responsible for the appearance of a feeling of thirst. The thickened blood reaches the neurons and affects the part of the brain that is responsible for simple human feelings: thirst, cold, etc. If there is no water for a long time, the brain turns on the economy mode. The kidneys start to work more slowly, the excretion of water from the body slows down. Thanks to this, a person can live without water for several days. However, such a “diet” is very harmful to the body, so we recommend that you drink at least 1 liter of clean drinking water per day.

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