Water and biology

The importance of water for all life cannot be overstated. It was in water, according to modern scientists, that organic life originated. Why did it happen? The fact is that water dissolves many substances very well. Also, all kinds of chemical reactions are excellent in water. So, in our cells, almost all metabolic reactions take place in the aquatic environment.

This is why water plays such an important role in all biological processes. Water can react with other chemical elements. It participates in the circulation of biological substances, and also regulates the temperature of our bodies and helps to deliver the necessary elements to all cells.

What is thirst

Nutritionists advise people to drink 1-2 liters of water a day. It is best to divide this portion into several parts, drink 200-300 ml of water each before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also good to drink water during and after training and walking around the city. Remember not to drink too fresh water, otherwise you may lose important calcium for your health!

It is known that over 50-60 years of life, an ordinary person drinks more than 60 tons of water! And this is not the limit! You should drink clean drinking water, preferably not from the tap, but from trusted suppliers. You can order products from the company “Health Waters”, which produces water in a unique natural ecologically clean area with a forest.

A person is thirsty when osmotic pressure begins to rise in the body. This process is inherently purely chemical in nature. Scientists call this thirst “tissue thirst.”

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As you know, thirst can be quenched only by drinking enough liquid, coffee, tea or drink. However, water is the best thing to quench your thirst. When water enters the alimentary canal, the mucous membrane begins to absorb it. About 10 liters of fluid enter the alimentary canal per day. At the same time, we drink only 2.5 liters ourselves, and our body produces all the rest of the liquid:

  • saliva (1.5 liters),
  • gastric juice (1.5 liters),
  • intestinal juice (3 liters),
  • pancreatic juice (0.7 liters),
  • bile (0.5 liters).

Walking balance and thirst center

Interestingly, water also maintains balance when walking. The fact is that in the human ear there is an organ called a “labyrinth”. It is completely filled with liquid. During movement, he controls balance.

Our body has a special organ called the “thirst center” that controls the water content in the body. In the event of a lack of fluid, it begins to send a signal to our brain. We lose about 2.5 liters of water per day with sweat and urine. The center of thirst forces us to constantly replenish our water supplies.

So, the importance of water cannot be overstated. It is the basis of life on earth, as well as the basis of human health and well-being. You can order high-quality drinking water from the Waters of Health company, which supplies a product with a perfectly balanced composition.

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